Expecting ashes, family instead brings home frozen dog

DARLINGTON, Pa. — Lisa Horseman and Marlane Engles settled on the troublesome choice to have their wiped out pooch, Drew, euthanized. They said they requested him to be incinerated, yet were dazed when they landed at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital in Pennsylvania to get his slag.

“I’m thoroughly considering my canine’s arriving in a little urn or plastic pack. No, I get a solidified Drew,” said Horseman.

Engles recorded the representatives conveying Drew’s body, wrapped in a cover.

“They had no clarification, nothing, they simply give me my solidified canine,” said Horseman.

In an announcement, Rainbow Veterinary Hospital stated:

“We have been doing business for more than twenty years, watching over a huge number of pets. Our whole staff treats each pet with the most extreme care, regard, and empathy under all conditions, as though they were our own. The reality of the matter is that there was a deferral with Mrs. Horseman’s entombment ask for pet Drew. This deferral was not because of the pet leaving the office, as he never left our commence. At last, Mrs. Horseman’s entombment ask for was full-filled.”

Horseman said she and Engles needed to take Drew for incineration themselves. Engles said conveying her dearest pet’s body was disastrous.

“They have to gain from this oversight, they have to make the best choice to other individuals and don’t do it again in light of the fact that that is a terrible thing,” said Engles.