Greenville Pole vaulter Hospitalized after pole goes up his ‘Toot’

Grenville SC – A man competing in the annual Greensville athletics championships over the weekend has been seriously injured and needed to be taken to a local hospital.

The incident occurred during the pole-vaulting section of the Games, when Nick Simpson, 26, an experienced pole vaulter, landed awkwardly on the pole after clearing the top bar. “He just came down right on it,” said a man who was also competing at the games. “He landed on the mat and he was just screaming in agony. First aiders rushed over and they ended having to call an ambulance because he couldn’t move.”

Nick’s Coach, Simon Foster, said in his 20 years of coaching he has never seen this happen. “I am not sure how it happened but the pole managed to go straight up his… well… Toot, for lack of a better word.”

Despite not getting to finish the event Simpon still managed to finish in 3rd Place.