Black Tuscaloosa man charged after making fist into gun shape & farting near officers

A 32-year old black man has been charged with making a threatening gesture towards law enforcement officers after he allegedly shaped his fist into the shape of a gun, pointed at the officers and farted loudly.

The incident occurred outside a Tuscaloosa donut shop popular with law enforcement officers. Witnesses say the man was merely joking around and was surprised that he was charged.

“Three officers wrestled him to the ground before cuffing him. You could tell he wasn’t serious,” said one witness, who declined to be named. “There was nothing harmful in it, other than the foul smell. It was just a silly prank.”

If found guilty of the offence, the 32-year old could face up to 3 years in prison. “Threatening law enforcement is a serious crime,” said one local legal expert. “Even if he meant no harm by the gesture, the law allows significant penalties, particularly if the man is a repeat offender.”

A bail hearing is yet to be scheduled for the 32-year old, and he currently is being held in custody.